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SPI CORP would like to thank everyone who visited our booth at Shot Show 2012. It was our best show to date thanks to all of our customers. We premiered our new 3d thermal video technologies. Everyone that saw the 3d thermal infrared video was truly amazed. The star of the show was our FLIR T60 / Trijicon ATWS Clip On Thermal Rifle Scope. The clip on weapon sight goes in front of your standard ACOG daytime rifle scope and instantly turns it into a thermal scope. The best part is you never need to re-zero your weapon when switching from daytime to night time imaging. The T-60 Clip On Thermal Scope was repeatedly voted “BEST IN SHOW” by all our customers. Due to the large volume of contracts SPI secured at the SHOT SHOW 2012 we are now offering an even greater discount price on the T60 thermal clip on scope. Call us to find out how low dealer pricing can be. SPI CORP also debuted the latest in miniature thermal multi sensor pan tilt zoom systems the M1-D. This micro PTZ thermal system is a breakthrough in thermal technology that gives you thermal, visual camera and laser pointer in a mini package that weighs less than 5 lbs. Perfect for vehicle or vessel imaging needs. We have secured a long term contract with a customer to produce the M1-D in volume. Call us today to discuss the new low price on thermal M1-D PTZ systems. Our booth girls at Shot Show 2012 were extremely popular. These lovely ladies charmed and educated our fans. We will be posting follow up videos from the

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