L3 Renegade 320X Thermal-eye Weapon Sight

The L3 Renegade 320X thermal-eye weapon sight is the first commercial law enfrocement that represents a model of modern engineering. The thermal scope was designed for the critical use of law enforcement and military professionals. This is a solid weapon sight that is rock hard and has been thoughroughly tested to stand up to the roughest environments of combat.

The 320 Renegade is a hard core device but, it is also a highly precise thermal scope capable of crystal clear imagery and nail driving accuracy over distance. This is the ideal tool for long nights on the front lines. With a Renegade thermal scope you have an unfair advantage against the enemy. You can see threats a long way off as they stumble around in the darkness. The scope does not rely on light to see it uses infrared heat energy. It is usable in daytime or night time operations, and performs in complete darkness or broad daylight. Other night vision technologies cannot operate in light or total darkness. Attention Hog Hunters! This is the tool that will turn the tide in the life and death Hog Wars! Its almost not even fair how you can spot these vicious beasts in total darkness. Not only can you spot them but you can shoot the monsters. Of course you must check and verify all local regulations before hunting with a thermal rifle scope. Protect your property and win the professional varmint wars.

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