FLIR T60 Clip On Thermal Scope

The T-60 Clip on Thermal Weapon sight was created to satisfy the needs of the US Military. Deployed soldiers cannot carry separate rifles for day and night operations. They also cannot switch scopes during extended missions just because the sun goes down. How do you rezero your weapon in the heat of battle? The answer is in the T60 clip on combat rifle scope technology. All you have to do is mount the T60 on the rail in front of your existing day scope and you instantly have a thermal rifle scope that is fully sighted in and zeroed. The T60 clipon technology is truly a game changer for shooting professionals.

The FLIR T60 Clip On Thermal Scope is a military grade system featuring the highest resolution thermal sensor available in any rifle scope configuration. Boasting a huge 640×480 FLIR sensor the T60 gives you 4 times the resolution of all competing scopes that typically have only 320×240 resolution. The extra pixels mean better detection and recognition capabilities. Buying a 320×240 scope is like going down to the local electronics store and asking for a standard definition TV! Its an HD world these days so if you are investing in a thermal scope it better have an HD sensor like the T60.

The T60 includes a DFOV (dual field of view) optic switch that allows you to switch between wide angle viewing (for target detection) and narrow telephoto view for target engagement giving you the best of both worlds. When attached to your daytime scope this really increases your effective range.

The T60 also includes a visible laser pointer for target indication to team members that do not have a thermal scope. The unit includes a pressure switch so you can easily activate the laser at will, even while tracking a target. The laser pointer is just another way the T60 delivers maximum performance at the best possible price point.

The T-60 is made to US Military specifications and is designed to fully withstand the rigors of combat and repeated weapon firing. The system is completely waterproof and submersible and can withstand an operational temperature range of -40 to 131 degrees F. The system is manufactured to MIL-STD-810G for Shock and Vibration and will hold bore-sight through extensive rounds of firing on multiple weapons platforms. The T60 is so heavy duty you can beat the target to death if you run out of bullets.

The FLIR T60 was designed through a partnership between FLIR Systems Inc and Trijicon Inc. FLIR systems is widely recognized as the leader in thermal infrared technology and Trijicon is the leading supplier of daytime rifle scopes to the US Military. Trijicon manufactures the highly regarded ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) that is used extensively with our combat troops. The T60 mates perfectly with the ACOG 4×32 combat scope but will work with almost any other optical rifle scope. With industry heavy weights like FLIR Systems and Trijicon standing behind this scope you know it is a high quality Mil-Spec scope. There are many new scopes on the market from made by fly by night, foreign manufacture and sporting goods suppliers but the T60 is the real deal. If your going to invest in a thermal rifle scope you should only look at Mil-Spec made in the USA scopes from companies with a proven Military track record like FLIR and Trijicon.

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